Your mental health is important.

Whether you are on a journey of healing, weathering the ups and downs of life, or working toward taking that next big step, you can benefit from the structured support and guidance that psychotherapy provides. How might connecting with a licensed psychologist help you?


Weathering life’s ups and downs

Life can change quickly or gradually. Sometimes we’re left feeling surprised at our reactions to transitions, even positive ones. It’s important to reflect on how we’re coping so that bigger problems are less likely to surface down the road.


Making changes

Changing our behavior, thoughts, or feelings takes time and practice.  Anyone can experience a need to make a change; it’s the magnitude of that change that can vary. We sometimes need an outside person to see our progress or stuck points, or to show us paths we’ve not yet considered.


Taking risks

The unknown is anxiety-provoking for some. Yet we often know that taking a leap into it is just what we must do. Just as no one would climb a mountain without tools and training, so should we also consider the personal tools and training that are associated with positive outcomes.



Adult Neurodivergence

Depression, Anxiety

Career/school difficulties

Life transitions

Coping skills, emotional regulation


Welcome! It’s great to meet you. 

I’m Sara, a licensed psychologist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I’ve been working in the behavioral health field for over twenty years, and as a psychologist since 2012.  My belief is that a great deal of personal growth and change stems from feeling heard, acknowledged, and respected.  Listening to others and being invited into their personal worlds has been an honor and a responsibility that I take to heart.  I hope that you will find something here that speaks to you. 

Prospective new clients (effective 06/17/2024): I do not currently have openings for new clients. Please check back in the future! I offer a free 15-min video consultation to help us decide if we would be a good fit to work together. 


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