Hegerty Psychological Services, LLC

Through my practice, Hegerty Psychological Services LLC, I provide psychotherapy to adults of all ages. My particular focus is working with neurodivergent adults, whether you have a formal diagnosis or not. 

If I don’t accept your insurance, I will be happy to provide you with a superbill. Some clients will receive a portion of their psychotherapy fees reimbursed to them by their insurance companies. Many clients will not receive any reimbursement, and being reimbursed my full fee is extremely rare.


Plans I work with include United Healthcare/Optum/UBH, BCBS PPO, Evernorth/Cigna, Magellan, Carelon Behavioral Health, Anthem, and Aetna.

Please see Insurance and Fees for more information.


Mental Health Checkups

A mental health check can be thought of as the psychological equivalent of an annual physical with your primary care provider. The goal is to briefly assess your functioning across several domains, such as mood, stress/anxiety, relationships, work/school/vocational, and self-care. With this information, I can provide a summary of personalized recommendations. This is not a service that is billable to insurance, as it does not use a procedure code (CPT) or provide a diagnosis. The mental health check typically takes 25-30 minutes. The flat fee for this service is $35.

Individual Psychotherapy

I primarily use person-centered therapy, with an emphasis on building a strong working alliance with clients. Other modalities are added as appropriate.

It is important to find a therapist who can meet your unique needs. If I’m not the right clinician for you, I will help you find someone who is.

As a psychologist, my role is to listen, assess your situation, and collaborate with you on developing treatment goals. Then we begin the work of psychotherapy. An individual engaged in psychotherapy is an active participant. In fact, much of the “work” occurs between sessions as the individual tries out new behaviors and practices new ways of thinking.

Some of the reasons people seek psychotherapy include-

Symptoms that you find bothersome or that interfere with doing the things you need/want to do:  Loss of interest in usual activities; changes in sleep or energy level; unexplained physical symptoms; frequent crying; emotional numbness; etc.

Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make daily life challenging:  Constant worrying; fears that are out of proportion with reality; low self-esteem; feeling hopeless; isolating from support system; increased conflict in relationships; etc.

Seeking support in navigating life changes or transitions:  Graduating from college; launching a career; relationship changes; new parenthood; retirement; etc.

Learning new tools for coping with stressful situations or circumstances:  Managing emotional overwhelm; setting boundaries; increasing awareness of triggers and how to reduce their impact; etc.

Support and guidance for a variety of concerns- for example, understanding neurodivergence, masking/unmasking, social skills and communication, organization/task completion, pathological demand avoidance, setting goals, and dealing with ableism, discrimination or self-stigma.


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I am available as a consultant to content creators who are looking for a professional touch to their work.

Are you making content that has you researching or presenting on psychological topics? Would you like to make sure that you’re using the correct terminology or appropriately describing the theory, concept, or diagnosis that you’re talking about? I can give my professional recommendations, allowing your content to stand out as professional, polished, and accurate. 

Contact me with any questions or for more information. The current rate for consultation services is $150/hour.


Looking for a professional presentation about a specific psychological topic? I have experience with presenting to behavioral health professionals, medical staff, and medical interns/residents. I have a particular interest in topics related to neurodivergence.

I’m also open to speaking with all sorts of groups- for example, classroom presentations, scouting organizations, and small businesses, just to name a few. I am able to present locally if you are in the Milwaukee area, or virtually for non-local groups. 

Contact me for more information or to discuss your presentation needs. The current rate for a virtual presentation is $150/hour.